Fontrick Warranty

Standard Warranty

At Fontrick Door, Inc., we warranty our interior and exterior doors against material and workmanship defects and warp for one year from delivery date of the product. Warp can be measured by placing a straight edge on the concave side of the door measuring the distance between the straight edge and the face of the door. The distance must be >1/4" for the door to be considered defective.

Reconstruction or Replacement of Defective Products

If a door has a defect, Fontrick Door, Inc. must be notified within one year. If a door has a proven defect, we will replace or reconstruct it. Fontrick Door, Inc. will only be held responsible for the product originally provided. We will not be liable for any disassembly, hanging, finishing, or installation costs of the replacement. Fontrick Door, Inc. reserves the right to utilize all non-defective components of the original product. Please Note: We warranty all doors up to 42" in width and 96" in height to the above specification.

Recommended Care & Handling of Your Doors

When doors arrive on site, allow the doors to acclimate to the relative humidity of the location. We recommend painting or finishing of the doors as soon as possible (within one week). This will limit the amount of expansion, contraction, and movement of wood parts created from taking on moisture. Please be aware, if doors do take on moisture and must be planed down to operate properly, the doors will likewise shrink when the house is heated or dehumidified. We do not warranty installation or alterations made to the products after it's production. It is important to finish the doors on ALL 6 surfaces. This includes top and bottom edges, under hinges and lockset's, and under weather stripping.